Comparison International Limited

Comparison International is a benchmarking consultancy based in the UK, with its North American office in Portland, Maine.  Comparison's benchmarking tools are used globally in industries across the board. Its PROBE methodology for benchmarking supports business development and growth by improving performance through the transfer of "Best Practices." PROBE tools are utilized by governments, industry specific organizations, research collaborations, individual firms and global institutions. Over the last 5 years the company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of "Best Practice" benchmarking in the world.


Manufacturers Association of Maine

Manufacturers Association of Maine is an association that offers its member businesses the following: networking opportunities, business and industry advocacy, business to business and contract services opportunities, monthly meetings, tours, and evens, educational and profession workshops, business growth services, affinity/expense control programs, education and training, industry partnership, insurance services.


Maritime Applied Physics Corporation

Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) has a 20-year history of engineering, prototyping, and production of emerging technology systems.  While our early history was built on engineering services work, we have expanded into engineered products due, in part, to more than 25 awards under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.


Micro Technologies, Inc.

Micro Technologies, Inc. is an internationally recognized aquatic animal laboratory located in Richmond, Maine; providing diagnostic laboratory services along with an expanding line of veterinary biologics and pharmaceutical products geared towards aquatic species. The company works collaboratively with a number of institutions and is actively engaged in research that will lead to promising new technologies for use within aquaculture and related industries.


Saltwater Marketing, LLC

Saltwater Marketing, a Maine based firm, is focused on thinking differently about a lot of things within the Maine lobster industry. For one, it is creating new products by thinking differently about where and how consumers purchase lobster.  The company is committed to helping to preserve “lobstering” as a way of life and a profession.  In addition to its own product development efforts, Saltwater serves as the commercialization arm of the Lobster Institute - a non-profit scientific based research organization that is itself committed to serving the diverse needs of all sectors of the lobster industry. Saltwater’s business model relies on private label manufacturing and co-packing processing. This allows the firm to tap into the R&D expertise of its business partners and utilize value-added processing and packaging technologies to develop new products without investing in these technologies.


Technology Systems Inc.

TSI has a well established track record of firsts, including creation of one of the earliest PC based simulations used by the military, implementation of groundbreaking early global Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities, and the development of mixed reality capabilities that are truly game-changing.


Tethys Research LLC

Tethys Research LLC’s Motto is “Innovation in Enzyme and Metabolite Discovery.”  With their scientific office based in Bangor, Maine, Tethys applies its proprietary technology to the discovery of new, high value enzymes and novel chemical entities for the following:industrial process development and improvement, fine chemical synthesis and development, and environmental bioremediation.  In its chosen markets, Tethys serves as a leading edge discovery company, utilizing its bioengineering expertise under contract to or in partnership with other companies that produce and market chemical products.


Tex Tech Industries

Since it started manufacturing engineered textiles in 1902, Tex Tech Industries has grown to be one of the world's leading needle and woven felt manufacturers by specializing in meeting the requirements of difficult and demanding customer applications. Our research and development team and capabilities have allowed us to be innovative, creative, and on the cutting edge for the benefit of our growing customer base. The management of Tex Tech Industries prides itself on being a market leader in high performance textiles.  Tex Tech Industries mission is to provide all customers with superior customer service, high quality products, and innovative solutions to their textile needs. Additionally, Tex Tech Industries strives to maintain a skilled, dedicated, and ethical workforce and to promote these traits throughout the organization.